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Custom Keynotes that Shift Stale Perspectives and Create Fresh Avenues to Growth

Our Newest Program

Positive Possibilities

Positive Possibilities is an online experience designed to lift your spirits, reconnect you to what’s good in life, and give you tools for moving forward with optimism. Watch this video to learn how we use magic to help people and organizations reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment.

Moments of Wonder as a Doorway to Your Potential

Magic on Purpose is a group of inspiring keynote speakers, who are also world-class magicians, dedicated to the idea that a moment of wonder creates an opening for astonishing creativity, startling innovation, and extraordinary execution.

Choose The Experience Your Organization Needs

to achieve significant results in:

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    Managing Change

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    Creating an Inspiring Vision

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    Leadership and Organizational Culture

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    Innovation and Creativity

  • 5

    Empathy and Positive Psychology

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    Mental Health

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    Interdependence and Teamwork

How We Craft the Magic on Purpose Experience

The Experience
1. Define Your Event Goals
  • What challenges is your organization facing? 
  • What is your desired takeaway for attendees?
2. Identify the Messages and Magicians
  • Based on your event goals, we help you craft a customized program with specific keynote magicians who will create an immersive experience and drive change in your organization.
3. Deliver an Interactive Experience
  • Using high-quality video technology and audience interaction, each magician shares an insight that people can use to improve their work and life. 
  • Next, the magician performs a magic trick that will illustrate the point, providing some fun and a visual experience that anchors the learning.
  • Finally, we facilitate a discussion with the audience about how people can use the insight in their daily lives.
  • After the event, your attendees will receive a recording of the experience so they have an ongoing tool they can use.

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