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Custom Keynotes that Shift Stale Perspectives and Create Fresh Avenues to Growth

Moments of Wonder as a Doorway to Your Potential

Magic on Purpose is a group of inspiring keynote speakers, who are also world-class magicians, dedicated to the idea that a moment of wonder creates an opening for astonishing creativity, startling innovation, and extraordinary execution.

Choose The Experience Your Organization Needs

to achieve significant results in:

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    Managing Change

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    Creating an Inspiring Vision

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    Leadership and Organizational Culture

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    Innovation and Creativity

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    Empathy and Positive Psychology

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    Mental Health

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    Interdependence and Teamwork

How We Craft the Magic on Purpose Experience

The Experience
1. Define Your Event Goals
  • What challenges is your organization facing? 
  • What is your desired takeaway for attendees?
2. Identify the Messages and Magicians
  • Based on your event goals, we help you craft a customized program with specific keynote magicians who will create an immersive experience and drive change in your organization.
3. Deliver an Interactive Experience
  • Using high-quality video technology and audience interaction, each magician shares an insight that people can use to improve their work and life. 
  • Next, the magician performs a magic trick that will illustrate the point, providing some fun and a visual experience that anchors the learning.
  • Finally, we facilitate a discussion with the audience about how people can use the insight in their daily lives.
  • After the event, your attendees will receive a recording of the experience so they have an ongoing tool they can use.

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